Pinterest Ad Specs – Your Guide for 2024

A haven for inspiration and the leading platform for generating organic traffic, here are the Pinterest Ad Specs you need to get started. Pinterest is used by businesses and individuals alike to discover new products & ideas, grow a blog/email list, drive traffic, and ultimately – conversions! That’s right, Pinterest shoppers spend 2x more per month than users on other platforms – an impressive statistic for any digital marketer.

Let’s look at Pinterest in numbers:

  • 482 million monthly users
  • 25% of social media marketers use Pinterest
  • More than 75% of Pinterest users are female
  • 66% of users are between 18 – 49 years old
  • 40% of users are in the US
  • 35% of adult females in the US use Pinterest
  • Brazil is Pinterest’s second-biggest market
  • 85% of users have made purchases from brands on pinterest
  • Pinterest reported 11% growth in ad-engagement Q3 of 2023

Pinterest Ad Campaign Objectives

Pinterest ad campaigns come in 5 types that cater to your classic top 3 campaign objectives:
  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Video views
  • Catalog Sales

Pinterest Ad Specs for 2024

Promotion Pin Ad Specs

Promoted Pin Ads use a single image or video and appear at the top of the Pinterest home feed.


These are awesome because they appear as organic Pins save for the ‘Promoted by’ label at the bottom.


Tapping on a Promoted Pin image or video will take the user directly to the URL of your choice, instead of just the Pin Detail page like organic Pins.


  • Image type and size: .JPG or .PNG,
  • Aspect ratio: Pinterest recommends 2:3 (1000 x 1500 px)
  • Text:
    • Title: 100 characters max
    • Description: up to 500 characters
  • Additional requirements: image must be uploaded to one of your public boards. The URL must be entered in full.


Pinterest Collection Ad Specs

Ideal for eCommerce brands, Pinterest Collection ads comprise a large feature image or video with three additional images. You can display up to 24 supporting images that appear when a user clicks your ad.


Collection ads are mobile-only, conveniently accounting for 82% of all Pinterest users.


You can manually create your Collection Ad with Pin builder, or if you’ve got a product catalog, Pinterest can auto-generate your Collection Ad for you!


Collection Ads consist of 3 separate pieces of creatives with different ad specs:


Static Image Hero creative:

  • File type and size: JPG or PNG (GIFs not supported)
  • Image: must include one hero creative
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 (square), 2:3 (vertical)


Video Hero creative:

File type and size: .MP4, .MOV and .M4V
Video duration: between 4 seconds and 15 minutes
Quantity: must include one video creative
Aspect ratio: Pinterest recommends square (1:1) or vertical (2:3 or 9:16)
Encoding: H.264 or H.265


File type and size: JPG or PNG, 10MB max (GIFs and video not supported)
Image quantity: minimum of 3 and maximum of 24
Aspect ratio: all must be 1:1 for square or 2:3 for vertical (1:1 is recommended)

Pinterest Carousel Ad Specs

True to Pinterest’s reputation for driving organic traffic, Carousel ads blend in seamlessly with organic Pins, but if tapped on, users can swipe through a series of images (indicated by the ellipses …. under the main ad image).


When your carousel ad is ‘saved’ by a Pinterest user, the entire carousel gets pinned to their board.


Carousel ads are mobile and desktop-friendly, giving you a slightly broader reach than Collection Ads.


Use them to show related products, step-by-step guides, ‘how-to’ articles, or different perspectives of the same product.


  • Title: 100 characters max
  • Description: up to 500 characters
  • Image type and size: .JPG or .PNG, 32MB max per card
  • Number of carousel cards: minimum 2, maximum 5 per ad

Pinterest Shopping Ad Specs

Simple yet effective, Pinterest Shopping Ads prove that less is more.

These can be set up within minutes and feature a single image or video of your product.


For audience targeting, Pinterest can do the heavy lifting for you by using your product information data and niche to put your Shopping Ad in front of the right audience.


The most remarkable thing about Shopping Ads? Several platforms, including Shopify, have integrated Pinterest so that users can turn products into pins and tap into Pinterest’s 482+ million-strong audience!

  • Title: 100 characters max
  • Description: up to 500 characters
  • Image type and size: .JPG or .PNG, 20MB max on desktop, 32MB max in-app
  • Aspect ratio: pinterest recommends 2:3

Pinterest Video Pin Ad Specs

Video ads autoplay upon impression on someone’s Pinterest homepage.


Using this ad format with a consideration or conversion campaign objective will allow the user to be taken to the online destination of your choice when they tap on your video ad.


Pinterest Video Pin Ads come in two kinds: standard video ads and max-width video ads, the latter being for mobile-only.


Standard video ads:
File type and size: .MP4, .MOV and .M4V, maximum 2GB
Duration: Minimum 4 seconds, max 15 minutes
Encoding: H.264 or H.265
Aspect ratio: Pinterest recommends 1:1, 2:3 or 9:16
Title: 100 characters max
Description: up to 500 characters
Specs are the same for max-width video ads (mobile only), except the aspect ratio must be 1:1 or 16:9.

Pinterest Idea Pin Ads

Idea Pin Ads resemble Instagram and Facebook stories with their short, segmented style format, which can either be a series of short video clips or graphics (up to 20). Idea Pin Ads are great for step-by-step guides and demonstrations of a product or service. For example, a recipe ‘how-to’ or a make-up tutorial goes well with this ad format. Cool features you can find with Idea Pin Ads:
  • Option to tag other users
  • Voiceovers
  • Tools for adding details such as the method or materials to follow along
Fun fact: Idea Pin Ads receive nine times more comments than other Pins!
  • Supported formats: Video or image
  • File type and size:
    • Video: .MP4, .MOV or .M4V (H.264 or H.265), max 100MB per video
    • Image: .BMP, .PNG, .JPG, .TIFF, .WEBP, max 20MB per image
  • Duration/Quantity: 3 – 60 seconds per video clip, 20 pins max per ‘Idea Pin’
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16 (min 1080 x 1920 px)
  • Title: 100 characters max
  • Description: 250 characters max per frame of the Idea Pin Ad (appears in a text box)
Tip: To make sure that text and other assets can be viewed across all mobile devices, keep important content within the safe zone as follows: Measured from the border of your 1080 x 1920 px image or video content: Top: 270 px Left: 65 px Right: 195 px Bottom: 440 px

Pinterest Try On Product Pin Ads

Though not available in all countries yet, Try On product Pins take it to the next level: augmented reality!


By allowing users to enter a virtual ‘fitting room,’ those who click on your ad can try on a product for themselves using their phone camera!

These immersive ads are something to think about if you’re in eCommerce. We’re looking at you, the beauty & fashion industry!

You’ll need to apply to get started with Try It On Pins in 2024. To use, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:


Be in an approved country
Have a Pinterest Business account
Have a Pinterest Account manager
Have an already uploaded product catalog

Pinterest Quiz Ads

A Quiz Ad contains multiple choice questions and answers, allowing users to receive recommendations from advertisers based on their choices. Although only available on mobile devices, they are great for establishing personal connections between brands and customers! Quiz Ads contain three parts: a title pin, two or three questions with two or three answers for each, and a results pin.
  • File type and size:
    • Video: .MP4, .MOV or .M4V (H.264 or H.265), max 32MB per video
    • Image: .BMP, .PNG, .JPG, .TIFF, .WEBP, max 20MB per image
  • Duration: Minimum 3 seconds, max 60 seconds
  • Aspect ratio: Title Pin and Results Pin: 2:3
  • Title: 100 characters max
  • Text overlay: 10 words max
  • Questions: 96 characters max
  • Answers: 48 characters max
  • Results: 100 characters max in title, 500 characters max in description.

Why Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest is a great place to promote your business, products, and brand, not to mention Pinterest has some of the lowest CPCs (in 2023 CPCs for Pinterest advertisements fell within the $0.10-$1.50.). Combine that with how successful Pinterest Ads are, and you’re looking at incredible ROIs for your next paid social strategy.

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