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Man using Twitter on his mobile phone - Twitter Ad Specs for 2024
X Ads

X Ad Specs – Your Guide for 2024

Need a reason to include X (formerly known as Twitter) Ads in your paid strategy? Read on for all the X ad specs you need to get started creating campaigns. People love X for its simplicity and short

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Man using TikTok on his mobile phone - TikTok Ad Specs for 2024
TikTok Ads

TikTok Ad Specs – Your Guide for 2024

Advertising features on TikTok are evolving. Here, we’ll go over the major TikTok Ad specs for 2024. TikTok Ads in 3 Steps There are 3 parts involved in creating a TikTok Ad in the TikTok Ads Manager: Campaigns

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A photo of someone holding a mobile phone showing a Google ad for Veuno
Google Ads

Google Ad Specs – Your Guide for 2024

Considering implementing Google Ads into your paid marketing strategy? Here’s your guide to all Google Ad specs, along with our expert campaign tips: The Different Types of Google Ad Campaigns There are 7 types of Google Ad Campaigns:

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Pinterest app icon on a mobile phone - Pinterest Ad Specs for 2022
Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ad Specs – Your Guide for 2024

A haven for inspiration and the leading platform for generating organic traffic, here are the Pinterest Ad Specs you need to get started. Pinterest is used by businesses and individuals alike to discover new products & ideas, grow

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