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Perks and benefits

Our goal is to offer everything our team needs to feel supported, healthy, and successful.

Perks and benefits are only available to all our full time team members.

Work from your flat in Lisbon or the beach rental in Bali, as long as you have good wifi and can overlap for meeting times that cover LA and London time zones.

Take as much time as you need throughout the year to recharge. Life happens, our team doesn’t believe in making you justify why you need time off or how much.
Get a laptop, access to lots of cool software, a Kindle and an Amazon gift card. Kit out your home office, buy your first ebook, and get settled in.
We take one Friday off a month and use the long weekends to switch off and indulge in self care so we come back feeling restored and refreshed.
All new parents get 3-months paid leave to switch off from work and adjust to your new normal. We’ll phase you back to work with full support and empathy.
No questions asked, all team members get an automatic four-week fully paid leave of absence, with our condolences and full support upon return, when you’re ready.
Yearly stipend to put toward training courses for learning anything you like: learn a language, learn to code, learn a sport.
We offer health insurance for our US team members.
At least once a year we all meet in the same city for a few days of team-building, strategy sessions, and general merriment.

Full Time Roles

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Freelance Roles

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