Snapchat Ad Specs – Your Guide for 2024

Snapchat is one of the top 10 most used social media platforms in the world. If you’re looking to reach and engage with a younger audience, Snapchat is the place to be, with ¾ of their users under the age of 35! With over 255 monthly active users, including snapchat in your digital marketing strategy can help you to generate awareness and increase mobile sales.

Snapchat has reported that users are 34% more likely to purchase a product after watching an ad on Snapchat. You can target your ideal audience using Snapchat’s targeting tools, filtering Snapchatters by location, demographics, interests and devices.

Here are the Snapchat Ad Specs you need to get started!

Let’s look at Snapchat in numbers:

  • Over 414 million daily users
  • Reaches 90% of the 13-24 year old population in over 25 countries
  • The highest percentage of Gen Z users across all social media platforms at over 51%
  • 64% of Snapchat ads are viewed with the sound on
  • Global spending power of $4.4 trillion
  • Users spend an average of 30 minutes a day on Snapchat

Spotify Ad Campaigns

There are 6 types of Spotify Ads

Snapchat has three objective categories: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions.
  • Awareness
    • Awareness = boosts brand or product awareness
    • Promote Places = promote locations
  • Consideration
    • App Installs = increases app downloads
    • Website Traffic = increases traffic to your landing page
    • App Traffic = increases traffic to your app page
    • Engagement = increases engagement
    • Video Views = increase video views
    • Lead Generation = increase business enquiries
  • Conversions
    • App Conversions = increase in-app conversions
    • Website Conversions = increase website conversions
    • Catalog Sales = increase online sales

There are four main Snapchat ad placements:

  • Top Snap: standard Snapchat ad without an attachment
  • Web View attachments: include a swipe-up that sends your audience to a landing page
  • App Install attachments: include a swipe-up that sends your audience to an app page in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Long-Form Video attachments: include a swipe-up that allows your audience to watch a longer video of up to 10 minutes

Snapchat Ad Specs

Snapchat Single Image and Video Ads

Single Image and Video Ads are full-screen videos that appear in Discovery or after a user’s story. They look the same as standard Snaps, which leads to high levels of engagement. To increase the effectiveness of these ads, make sure you include eye-catching visuals, as well as a compelling campaign message and an attachment (link to your website). While videos can be up to 3 minutes long, the majority of your audience is likely to only watch 3-30 seconds. Aim to convey your brand message quickly and experiment with video length!
Snapchat Single Image/Video Ad Specs:
  • Image size: 1080×1920 px
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16
  • Image Format: JPG, PNG, MP4 or MOV
  • Video Format: MP4 or MOV
  • File size: 1GB max
  • Length: 3-180 seconds (3-5 seconds recommended)
  • File size: 32MB max
  • Brand name: 25 characters max
  • Headline: 34 characters max CTA recommended

Snapchat Story Ads

Story Ads can include 3-20 single image/video ads within a single story placement. They are ideal for telling your brand story or delivering longer product messages. These stories are delivered in between organic content and on the Snapchat Discovery page.
Snapchat Story Ad Specs
  • Content: 3-20 snaps
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16
  • Resolution: 1080×1920 px
  • Length: 3-180 seconds (each video up to 15 seconds)
  • Size: 1GB max
  • Brand name: 25 characters max
  • Headline: 34 characters max
  • Title: 55 characters max
  • Logo: png, 993x284px
  • Image: png, 360x600px

Snapchat Commercial Ads

Commercial Ads are unskippable vertical videos, shown between Stories. They are ideal for sharing your most important messages. There are two types of commercial ads, Standard Commercial ads and Extended Commercial ads. Standard commercial ads are 3-6 seconds long and completely unskippable. Extended commercial ads are 7-180 seconds long, with the first 6 seconds being unskippable. Standard commercials are typically the best choice, as with all video content, shorter is often better!
Snapchat Commercial Ad Specs
  • Content: 3-20 snaps
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16
  • Resolution: 1080×1920 px
  • Length: 3-180 seconds (each video up to 15 seconds)
  • Size: 1GB max
  • Brand name: 25 characters max
  • Headline: 34 characters max
  • Title: 55 characters max
  • Logo: png, 993x284px
  • Image: png, 360x600px

Snapchat Collection Ads

Collection Ads are the best ads to choose if you’re looking to showcase your products and drive online sales. You can display a single image or video above 4 clickable product tiles. This provides a super easy way for your audience to explore different items and make a purchase. You’ll need to upload your product catalog in order to create these ads.
Snapchat Collection Ad Specs
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16
  • File type: JPG, PNG, MP4 or MOV
  • Resolution: 1080×1920 px
  • Length: 3-180 seconds
  • File size: 1GB max
  • Brand name: 25 characters max
  • Headline: 34 characters max
  • Thumbnail image: JPG or PNG, 160×160 px, requires a URL
  • CTA recommended

Snapchat Dynamic Collection Ads

Similar to Collection Ads, Dynamic Collection Ads showcase your products, but are targeted to your Snapchat Audience’s preferences. This relevancy can significantly improve your ads efficiency, as shoppers are more likely to engage in personalized ads. Dynamic Collection Ads have the same specs as regular Collection ads.

Snapchat AR Lens Ads

AR Lens Ads are one of Snapchat’s most unique ad options. They are basically sponsored camera filters that you can promote on Snapchat. Your audience can engage with these camera filters and create their own posts. There are two types of AR Lens Ads: Face AR lens (allows users to apply filters using the front-facing camera to their faces) and World AR lens (allows users to apply filters using the rear-facing camera). These ads can be really effective, increasing engagement and organic momentum.
Snapchat AR Lens Ad Specs
  • Format: PNG with transparent background
  • Audio: MP3 or WAV

Snapchat Filter Ads

Filter Ads are a simplified version of AR Lens Ads, applying an overlay to Snapchat images and videos. There are two types of filters: Location based and Audience based. Location based are geo-fenced around specific areas, and Audience based are targeted towards specific audiences.
Snapchat Filter Ad Specs
  • Image size: 1080×2340 px
  • Format: PNG with transparent background
  • File size: 250KB max
  • Must contain a visible brand logo or name

Our Best Snapchat Ad Tips:

  1. Short-form video tends to deliver the best results on Snapchat. Optimize your results by having your CTA popup appear straight away.
  2. Vary your target audiences: Targeting the same users for too long can lead to hitting a ceiling. Varying your audience is a great way to open up new audience opportunities that drive more positive returns for your business.
  3. Create ads that feel authentic and genuine. With a large young audience, corporate style ads won’t attract as much interest as fun, snappy ‘influencer’ style content. Describe your brand or products with lots of color and sound, in a video around 6 seconds long for maximum engagement.
  4. Be consistent: Make sure you post at a steady pace throughout the year, especially if you have a limited budget. Focus on key messages that can be conveyed in short videos, with intrigue to drive swipe-ups.
  5. Make the most of Retargeting: This feature is great at boosting your conversions by serving ads to users who have previously interacted with your site or ads.
  6. Use sound: Nearly 60% of Snapchat ads are watched with sound on, giving you an opportunity to capture attention with voiceovers or music.
  7. Encourage an Action: Prompt your audience to take action like swiping up or buying. By using one clear main message with a CTA, your audience can be sent directly to your website for a specific purpose.

Why Snapchat Ads?

Snapchat’s audience is increasing rapidly year on year, providing a platform with massive reach potential.
Anyone can create, launch and monitor ads on Snapchat. These ads are easy to create, as they are short, full-screen vertical videos that appear between user’s stories, and can be launched for as low as $5 per day! Snapchat CPMs are relatively cheap in comparison to other social media platforms, and with consistency you can deliver really cost-effective results.
Snapchat has the potential to be a relatively non-competitive advertising channel for your brand, and with the number of users expected to surpass 500 million this year, there’s no time like the present. If you want to access an audience of young shoppers, engaging ad formats and new marketing opportunities, add Snapchat to your paid social marketing strategy!

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