How Consumers Really Feel About Ads

The consumer’s perception of your paid ads isn’t always the same as you think. Brands should take note of this. Especially when trying to decipher how consumers really feel about ads.

"You are not the main character in everybody's story"

Brands should take note of this. Marketers spend much time crafting content and fantastic campaigns, only for them to launch and *crickets*.


Why aren’t your ads as successful as you expect? Because consumers don’t care about your brand the same way you do. They’re not as invested as you are. Your messaging speaks to selling points that aren’t unique.


Some of the best marketing campaigns make the consumer feel, or they make them laugh.


It’s vital for brands to understand their consumers’ unique needs and wants intimately.


How? Ask them!


And ask is precisely what we did, then we created a 40+ eBook with all the consumer opinions shared with us.


‘How Consumers Really Feel About Ads’ is filled to the brim with data and honest opinions from consumers who are sick of ads online.

How Consumers Really Feel About Ads

We want to help you dissolve the fear that comes with crafting a paid content strategy. As well as diversify your paid strategy to create more profitable ad campaigns in 2022.

Download the eBook to get honest consumer opinions and insights to help you sell with ease online.

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