B2B Demand Generation: Dark Social Ideas

Here is your guide on how to start thinking about the ROI of Dark Social posts for B2B Demand Generation.


Demand generation is one of the most important aspects of a successful B2B marketing strategy. Without a strong demand generation plan, you may struggle to attract new customers.


To pay over the odds for acquisition with PPC campaigns is always an option. But you want to create awareness and demand without paying-to-play, right? The first thing you need to do is get out of the measurement mindset.


As you know, demand generation creates awareness, interest, and demand for a product or service. It is an integral part of the sales and marketing process.


  1. The first step is creating awareness. Educate potential customers about what you offer, piquing their curiosity.
  2. The next step is to generate interest. You want to create content that inspires people to visit your owned content and want to learn more about your product or service.
  3. The final step is the demand itself. Demand is where your potential customers are ready to take action, such as filling out a lead gen form or starting a free trial.

Usually, you’ll see demand generation tactics employed via channels where you can measure the impact of your efforts. But what about Dark Social? The places where there’s no tracking and no intent data.


If you’re not already, you should be posting consistently to your “dark social” channels. These include:

Join relevant Slack groups or Facebook groups. These communities are often filled with people interested in the topic at hand, making it a perfect place to start generating awareness and demand.
Publishing content on popular content platforms such as Apple podcast, Spotify, or YouTube can help you reach a large audience of potential customers. These platforms offer much exposure and allow you to share your story with a larger audience.
LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, and other social media platforms offer great ways to reach potential customers and generate demand for your product or service. Each forum has its unique features that reach a different audience.
Sending direct messages (DMs), text messages, or Zoom calls to potential customers. This is a great way to generate demand and generate interest in your product or service. Engage with potential customers and create a connection that can lead to future business opportunities.
Attend events and meetups related to your industry. Often filled with people with the right intent, events are a great way to connect with potential customers and learn more about their needs. Prior preparation is essential. Have a strong pitch and some good content to share.

Figure out what works for your company, then amplify it to create a larger audience and generate more demand for your product or service. It’s not usually part of your content amplification and lead generation engine because of the lack of tracking or intent data. These communication methods with your audiences should be baked into your content marketing, lead nurturing, and account-based marketing strategy.


A demand generation strategy can be a complex process, but it is highly effective in attracting new customers and expanding your business if done correctly. Remember, just because you can’t measure it doesn’t mean it is not working. Results can take weeks and months to trickle in, so keep at it. We need to redefine what constitutes “working” because many great content pieces, social posts, and forum discussions aren’t given a fair chance.

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