Spotify Ad Specs – Your Guide for 2024

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Spotify Advertising is an excellent platform to showcase your brand, products and services. Spotify was launched in 2008, and is now the world’s leading audio streaming service. Spotify ads are more niche than Google and Meta, but they have shown that the combination of audio and video ads results in a 90% increase in ad recall, and a 220% increase in brand awareness.

These audio and visual ads are played between songs and during podcast breaks for users without a premium subscription. Over 58% of Spotify users have a free account, giving you access to up to 220 million monthly active users! These free users expect to hear ads, making them more receptive than the average consumer.

With Spotify’s advanced targeting, you can ensure that the right audience is receiving the right message.


Here are the Spotify Ad Specs you need to get started!

Let’s look at Spotify in numbers:

  • Over 602 million monthly active users
  • 60% of Spotify users are active daily
  • 618 million monthly active users are expected by the start of Q2 2024
  • 29% of users are aged 25-34, and 26% are aged 18-24
  • Spotify ad revenue was over $1.86 billion at the end of 2023
  • 19% higher brand impact than other social media

Spotify Ad Campaigns

There are 10 types of Spotify Ads
Spotify also offers Custom Experiences:
  • Sponsored Playlist
  • Sponsored Session
  • Overlay
  • Homepage Takeover
  • Leaderboard

  • Spotify has two ad objectives:
    1. Boost awareness
      • Impressions: get people to see and hear your ads more often
      • Reach – get more people to see and hear your ads
    2. Consideration
      • Clicks – get more people to click on your ad
      • Video Views – get more people to watch your ads

    Targeting Options: It is essential to target your specific audience to create effective Spotify ad campaigns, and they offer some of the most specific targeting options we’ve seen! These options include age, gender, location, individual interests, playlist contexts (such as cooking, gaming, travel, workout and study) and music genre.

    Spotify Ad Specs

    Spotify Audio Ads

    Audio Ads are the most common and most popular Spotify ad. Appearing across all devices, you can get heard by the right audience, wherever they are. Make sure you customize your ad to fit them, create your script wisely, add humor, personality and colloquialisms that relate to them. No one likes to hear recordings of their own voice! Thankfully, Spotify knows this, and provides a free audio ad creation system. Write your script, select the voice actor that fits your message tone best, give some notes on performance, and you’re all set! The best part, they will re-record it until you’re happy.
    Spotify Audio Ad Specs:
    • Duration: 30 seconds max
    • Script: no more than 65 words for a 30 second ad
    • Advertisers name: 25 characters max
    • File type: MP3, OGG or WAV
    • File size: 1MB max
    • Sample rate: 44.1kHz
    • Bit rate: 192kbps
    • Tagline: 40 characters max
    • Add a CTA and a clickthrough URL
    • Companion image:
      • Aspect ratio: 1×1
      • Dimensions: 640×640
      • File type: JPEG, PNG
    • Add a looping visual to your audio ads:
      • Ratio: 9×16
      • Height: 720px minimum
      • Video length: 3-8 seconds (it will automatically loop)
      • File format: JPG, PNG, MP4, MOV

    Spotify Video Ads

    Video Ads are full-screen ads that play between songs or skippable ads. Most listeners will watch these ads with sound on, so make sure you include a great audio track!
    Spotify Video Ad Specs
    • Duration: 30-60 seconds
    • Audio (required): 100 words max
    • Advertiser name: 25 characters max
    • Aspect ratio: 9:16 or 16:9 (mobile and desktop)
    • File type: MOV, MP4
    • File size: 500 MB
    • Resolution: 720×1280 (portrait) or 1280×720 (landscape)
    • Tagline: 40 characters minimum
    • Include a CTA and a clickthrough URL
    • Logo: 1×1, 640×640, JPEG or PNG

    Spotify Podcast Ads

    Podcast Ads were launched in 2020, and 81% of listeners have reported taking action after hearing them. They are served across all devices and are a great way to build brand awareness and increasing your conversions, as they have a 16% higher engagement rate than other Spotify ad types. 

    41% of Spotify users have said that they trust ads more if they hear them during a podcast! They have a maximum length of 30 seconds for preroll, and 60 seconds for midroll. They follow the same ad specs as Audio Ads.

    Spotify Display Ads

    Also following the same specs as Audio Ads, banner ads simply add a visual component that shows for 30 seconds. . They are clickable, so are great for driving traffic to your website.
    Spotify Display Ad Specs
    Image Specs:
    • File size: 640×640
    • File type: JPEG

    Spotify Banner Ads

    Banner Ads are visual only ads (without the audio), seen at top of users home screen. They follow the same specs as Display Ads!

    Spotify Sponsored Playlist

    Sponsored playlists appear at top of users playlist list, driving engagement and maximizing brand awareness. They include both audio and video ads and are available on mobile and desktop.
    Spotify Sponsored Playlist Ad Specs:
    Native Homepage Takeover:
    • Background image: 1200×350, JPEG
    • Logo: 200×75, transparent PNG, EPS, AI or PDF
    • Tagline: 30 characters max
    Native Audio
    • Length: 1-2 sentences
    • Logo size: 200×75, transparent PNG
    Native Overlay
    • Desktop image: 900×700 min, layered PSD
    • Desktop Brand tagline: 30 characters max
    • Brand logo: 200×75, PNG, ESP, AI, PDF
    Native Leaderboard
    • Image: 900×700, layered PSD
    • Brand Logo: 200×75, transparent PNG, ESP, AI, PDF
    Within Sponsored Playlist:
    • Logo: 200×75, transparent PNG
    • Audio: 15-30 seconds, 1MB max, WAV, MP3
    • Companion image: 640×640, JPEG, 200KB
    • Video: 15 or 30 seconds, 500MB max, MOV or MP4
    • Desktop Overlay: 800×435, 100 KB, JPEG
    • Mobile Overlay: 630×920, 100KB, JPEG

    Spotify Sponsored Session

    Sponsored sessions offer users 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for watching your 30 second video ad.
    Spotify Sponsored Session Ad Specs:
    • Duration: 30 seconds max
    • File type: MOV or MP4
    • File size: 500 MB max
    • Aspect ratio: 9:16 or 16:9
    • Video quality: 720×1280 or 1280×720
    Branded end card:
    • Dimensions: 640×640
    • File size: 200KB max
    • File type: JPG
    • Must provide clickthrough URL

    Spotify Overlay Ads

    Overlay Ads are delivered when the user returns to the Spotify app, and are clickable to drive traffic to your website.
    Spotify Overlay Ad Specs:
    Mobile Overlay
    • Image dimensions: 630×920
    • File type: JPG
    • File size: 100 KB

    Desktop Overlay
    • Image dimensions: 800×435
    • File type: JPG
    • File size: 100KB
    • Leaderboard Image dimensions: 728×90
    • File type: JPG, GIF
    • File size: 100KB

    Spotify Homepage Takeover

    Homepage Takeovers guarantee you a 24hr long spot on Spotify’s homepage. (Only available on desktop)
    Spotify Homepage Takeover Ad Specs:
    • Size: 1200×270
    • File type: JPG
    • File Size: 1MB max
    Interactive Area
    • Dimensions: 800×235
    • File type: HTML5 (animation) WEBM or OGV (video)
    • File size: 25MB (20MB for video)
    • Clickthrough URL must open in new browser

    Spotify Leaderboard Ads

    Leaderboard Ads are a clickable banner on desktop and mobile, and can include a mixture of text, images and video. They are only served when Spotify is in view, and can last for 30 seconds.
    Spotify Leaderboard Ad Specs:
    • Image dimensions: 728×90
    • File type: JPG or GIF
    • Animation duration: 15 seconds max
    • File size: 100 KB

    Why Spotify Ads?

    Spotify enables you to showcase your brand’s personality in a completely different way to a very unique audience, and is especially good for targeting millennials and Gen Z. 60% of the Spotify audience engagement is carried over from what listeners were consuming before hearing (or seeing) your ad, meaning that listeners are just as engaged while listening to ads as they are while streaming music or listening to podcasts. This gives you a super receptive audience, and will increase your ad engagement more than any other social media site! Spotify is highly personalized for its users, so you have the ability to be specific with your targeting. Because of this, Spotify ads are 1.7X more effective at driving purchases than any other media formats. With the potential to reach over 295 million users, the Spotify Ads platform is something you should be taking advantage of. Stand out from the digital marketing crowd with hyper-targeted audio ads, target the right audience and share your message!

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